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UAE Banks Thrive in Good Times


The big shots of UAE Banks like Emirates NBD, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank are raking in the cash. In the first half of 2023, they made a whopping 77% more profit compared to the previous year.

Emirates NBD is like the rockstar here, with its profits skyrocketing by 130%. The CEO is all pumped up, talking about how their growth and fancy tech moves, like AI, are making them big bucks.

UAE banks
UAE banks

So, why are these banks swimming in money? Well, interest rates are climbing, and that’s like music to their ears. They can charge more for loans, and since everyone and their grandma is borrowing from them, it’s a cash party. Also, more people are flocking to the UAE, bringing in more dough for the banks.

Now, these banks aren’t just about making money; they’re also turning green. They’re throwing stacks of cash at projects fighting climate change and making the world a better place. Some are even using AI to spice things up – predicting the future and giving top-notch service to customers.

But, hold your horses, there might be some bumps ahead. The banks might not roll in as much dough, and they’re shelling out more to follow the money rules. Still, the UAE banks are expected to keep the good times rollin’.

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